Project and Risk Management

Module summary

Module code: BUIL1218
Level: 6
Credits: 30
School: Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department: Design
Module Coordinator(s): Elizabeth Whelan


Pre and co requisites

Level 5.


Aims This course aims to:

• to revisit the fundamental theories and principles of management and to provide the basis for continued management development;
• to enable the combining of theoretical and technical knowledge and the development of key managerial skills;
• to focus upon project risk and health and safety management skills and to develop the identification, analysis, assessment and response to project risks;
• to enable the development of knowledge and expertise particular to the various aspect of project management including the study of hard and soft skills necessary for successful management.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module a student will be able to:

1 analyse and evaluate construction projects from a management perspective; understand the management requirements, select and apply appropriate management theories and techniques;
2 review and critically evaluate risk management processes applicable to construction projects and from a health and safety perspective;
3 develop and apply effective risk management strategies;
4 apply project management techniques specific to asset and facilities management;
5 critically appraise the strategic and operational management.

Indicative content

• Management of human resources and teams, motivation and leadership
• Management of time, quality and cost; stakeholder and change management
• Understanding of appropriate communication techniques
• Utilisation of Gantt charts and similar industry standard software
• Quality and value management
• Risk certainty and project failure; legislation and standards
• Working practice; Disaster Recovery and Health and Safety Management
• Environmental impacts; the application of current technologies including BIM

Teaching and learning activity

This course will be taught by a combination of lectures and tutorials. Lectures will be formally scheduled to enable progressive learning and the application of management theories and risk management will be studied and applied within a project scenario. Live examples of construction project scenarios will be fully utilised to enable students to fully contextualise and apply principles learnt Tutorials will be student led and intended to promote further discussion of management theories applicable to current learning, concurrent the personnel development of critical skills utilised within a project team.


Coursework: 50% weighting, 40% pass mark.
Learning Outcomes: 1, 2 & 3.

Coursework: 50% weighting, 40% pass mark.
Learning Outcomes: 1, 2 & 3.