Research Practice and Dissertation

Module summary

Module code: BUIL1263
Level: 6
Credits: 30
School: Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department: Design
Module Coordinator(s): George Agyekum-Mensah


Pre and co requisites

Level 5 or equivalent


Provide students with an opportunity to carry out a substantial critical, in-depth study in a particular sector of construction; to develop their knowledge of investigation, research methods, analysis, evaluation, synthesis, discussing and other techniques to gather, process, integrate and present usable information; and to enable students to present and defend, substantiate the contributions of the study.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module a student will be able to:
1 Demonstrate initiative and discrimination in critically identifying research topic, problem and producing solutions to construction scenarios including sourcing and selection of material
2 Apply their knowledge and understanding of the concept and design of a research project, exploring a defined problem or research question.
3 Develop a research project proposal and methodology framework by considering appropriate data collection and analytical methods to the problem under investigation
4 Critically research and compile information relevant to the specialist subject and project theme, using appropriate and justifiable a range of research methods to identify, select and review a wide range of fully cited information sources to support the subject matter, both historical and current
Integrate data and knowledge and synthesise and contextualise complex information
5 Critically examine and reflect on theoretical perspectives and their relevance to practice; organise and structure a substantial piece of work by presented and defended in a form off poster and/or other digital presentation.
6 Plan and take responsibility for a self-managed project within an appropriate ethical framework by producing a clearly defined and usable outcome within a specified timescale to demonstrate a level of expert knowledge

Indicative content

There are lecturers and tutorials designed and aligned from topic and research rationale through research design and methods, analysis and discussions to draw comprehensive conclusion. This could be itemised as:
• Critically review and topic identification, study background and rationale
• Critically setting out clear and SMART aim and objectives as well as any research question(s).
• Developing a research proposal based on selected topic and research problem
• Demonstrate skills of project management to achieve the study’s deliverables.
• Critical literature review, the use of the library and referencing and structure of research project.
• Critical review and justification of appropriate research design, strategy, method, analysis and discussion to produce clear conclusions.
• Demonstrate soft skills such as presentation, communication, viva, ethics and professionalism


Research Proposal - 20%
LO - 1, 3, 6.
Pass mark - 40%
1800 words.
Report on the proposed project or dissertation

Research Project or Dissertation - 60%
LO - 1, 2, 3,4 & 6.
Pass amrk - 40%
8000 words.
The report on the project or dissertation .

Presentation - 20%
LO - 5 & 6.
Pass mark - 40%
15 minutes.

Nature of FORMATIVE assessment supporting student learning:
In-class or online quizzes and polls; peer and self-assessment.