Advanced Project Management

Module summary

Module code: BUSI1318
Level: 6
Credits: 15
School: Business Faculty
Department: Systems Management and Strategy
Module Coordinator(s): Wenxian Sun


Pre and co requisites



This course aims to equip students with high level skills, capabilities and knowledge that will enable them to successfully manage, analyse and critique projects in the full range of business sectors. It will also allow students to develop the skills necessary to successfully recover failed or stalled projects, including those tools which will enable them to critically analyse the reasons for failure/stalling and identify appropriate recovery strategies. On completion of this course, students should be able to successfully initiate, plan and delivery a real-life project.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

1 Initiate, plan and implement projects in all business sectors, and provide, critical analysis of projects at all stages of their progress.
2 Identify the key success factors in successful project management in the context of the modern business environment.
3 Critically evaluate organizational and management issues concerned with project management
4 Assess and justify the approach to managing projects using a variety of different methodologies
5 Develop and systematically apply project management concepts, models, tools and techniques to derive solutions for a range of practical project management challenges.

Indicative content

Project management review; Scheduling time, resources and cost; Management and Leadership in Projects; Problem solving and decision making; Control in managing projects; Project completion and review; Project evaluation and appraisal.

Teaching and learning activity

This course will be delivered by applying the experiential teaching strategy. While the two scheduled lectures provide project introductions and a mid-term review, the majority of learning is approached by the project planning, execution & reflection sessions in which students work in groups to deliver real-life projects. On the one hand, students receive guidance and feedback throughout the entire duration of their projects; on the other hand, these hands-on sessions maximise their opportunities of dealing with real world situation and challenges and within which they expect to deliver projects on time, to cost and as specified quality. In general, the course will encompass the following activities: • Hands-on project planning, execution and reflection sessions. • Lectures, guidance and feedback from tutors. • Interactive discussion through ICTs (i.e. email and Skype) with tutors. • Real time discussion forums through Moodle and other sites. • Library and on‐line resources research. • Self-managed reading of texts, professional journals, videos and case studies. • Group presentation. • Written project report.


Method of assessment: Individual Reflective Report
Outcomes assessed:1,2,3, 4,5
Grading Mode: %
Weighting %: 100%
Pass Mark: 40
Word Length: 3000
Outline Details: Students to provide a detailed retrospective project report.