Innovation in Competitive Environments

Module summary

Module code: BUSI1327
Level: 5
Credits: 15
School: Business Faculty
Department: Systems Management and Strategy
Module Coordinator(s): Anlan Chen



Aims 1. Demonstrate that successful entrepreneurial ventures require an appreciation of innovation processes.
2. In support of that to provide information about innovative activity with reference to specific types and models of innovation.
3. Foster discussions around key issues such as strategic innovation; organisational conditions that foster/hinder innovation; leadership styles and personal qualities for innovation success.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

1 Cognitive Skills, evaluation and critical analysis of core conceptual frameworks, including intra-firms decision making and strategic planning process relating to innovation.

2 Generic Competencies to set goals such as influencing, planning, questioning, listening, persuading, group participation during the tutorial activities, time management.

3 Personal Capabilities, to work as part of a group to develop a coherent presentation on a given innovative sector. Tutorial activities will develop critical reflection, analysis and explorative thinking. Further, the students will be able to critically analyse relevant literature.

Indicative content

The following intellectual content will be introduced, discussed and developed during this course;
Fundamental concepts including categorisation and models of innovation
Firm level innovation activities in pressurised and fast moving environments, innovation strategies, knowledge management, organisational forms for innovation types, innovation networks, small firms and cluster formation.

Teaching and learning activity

Lectures, small group discussions, two hour workshop activities, student presentations to the class.


Method of assessment: Essay
Outcomes assessed: 1,2,3
Weighting %: 80
Pass Mark: 40
Word Length: 3000
Outline Details:Essay has two parts. Firstly to report on their work focussing on the specific innovation chosen. Secondly to discuss an aspect of theory.

Method of assessment: Presentation
Outcomes assessed: 1,2,3
Weighting %: 20
Pass Mark: 40
Word Length: n/a
Outline Details: Students are given an innovative sector with linked technologies. Develop a presentation.

Nature of FORMATIVE assessment supporting student learning: Tutorial activities, including essay guidance, student led course work session. Group meetings and discussions both in class and outside.