Management in Critical Context

Module summary

Module code: BUSI1475
Level: 6
Credits: 15
School: Business Faculty
Department: Human Res and Organisational Beh
Module Coordinator(s): Sian Moore


Pre and co requisites



• To attain a critical understanding of the challenges that face practising managers in the complex contemporary operating environment.
• To contribute to the development of a set of analytical skills that equips the contemporary manager for the challenges presented in the contemporary organizational milieu.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

1. Demonstrate critical knowledge and understanding of current debates about how, through effective management, organizations interact with and respond to their complex operating environments.
2. Demonstrate critical knowledge and understanding of advanced social science concepts relating to managing and working with people for performance in the contemporary organizational domain.
3. Display a critical awareness of a range of often apparently conflicting and contradictory schools of management and social science thought requiring them to make informed analytical judgement
4. Debate ethical dilemmas and stakeholder conflict related to management practice in the contemporary sphere and be able to debate and seek to resolve them
5. Be intellectually curious, responsive to challenges, and demonstrate initiative and resilience
6. Communicate clearly and effectively, in a range of forms, taking account of different audiences

Indicative content

• The dynamic context of management
• The political economy of globalization
• Rich world, poor world
• Negotiating the networked society
• The firm: structure and design
• The state
• Supranational institutions of governance
• Capitalism and social responsibility
• Sustainability
• Time and temporality
• Governance, management and power
• Social movements and resistance

Teaching and learning activity

In addition to weekly lectures which will expose learners to discussion on key debates and contemporary events, learners will participate in weekly seminar sessions where they will be encouraged to link concepts, apply theory real life examples (for example through case studies and multimedia expositions) and engage in group discussions and problem solving exercises. Seminars also incorporate topic development workshops where tutors can provide guidance as students shape their own assignment, a key aspect of the learning on this course. Private study and monitoring of key world events are integral to the successful achievement of the learning outcomes of this course. Learning Time (1 credit = 10 hours) Contact Hours: lectures 13 seminars 13 practical sessions NA tutorials NA other NA Private Study Assignments: course work and other forms of assessment: coursework 124 laboratory work NA examinations NA other N


Written Assignement - 100% weighting, 40% pass mark.
Outline Details - Assignment inspired by a current affair in which the student chooses a news story and uses it, by way of analysis using concepts and theories featured in the course, to build a wider commentary of the wider business context. 3000 words not including references.