International Business Functions

Module summary

Module code: BUSI1694
Level: 4
Credits: 15
School: Business Faculty
Department: International Bus and Economics
Module Coordinator(s): Franziska Sohns



The ethos of the module can be summarised as `managing in a globalised world'. It aims to provide an understanding of various management functions in an international context at both a conceptual and a practical level, to give students a clear insight into the major factors governing international business management, and to provide an understanding of key functional and operational areas of managing a business

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this Module a student will be able to:
1 Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of business functions
2 Analyse and critique given business situations (e.g., in the form of case studies)
3 Form and express opinions about a given topic in a classroom situation
4 Apply a range of theoretical business models to practical situations.

Indicative content

International) Business Strategies, Motives for Global Expansion, International Operation Modes, Management Approaches, Ownership and Control, Ethics and CSR, Cross-cultural Management, International Production, International Marketing, International Human Resource Management.

Teaching and learning activity

Lectures - Each lecture provides a comprehensive conceptual framework of the key areas of one aspect of the topic under investigation and takes the form of PowerPoint presentation, interactive tests and multimedia discussion. Tutorials - Tutorials are devoted to the analysis of case studies and the exploration of related issues. Case studies and the related questions cover the practical application of some theory or premise covered in the proceeding week’s lecture. Students debate and discuss case studies during the tutorials.


Essay - 100%
Pass mark - 40%
2000 - words.
The essay is linked to the topic of the lectures in one of the key functional areas.

Nature of FORMATIVE assessment supporting student learning: weekly in-class group-discussions.