Food Security

Module summary

Module code: FOOD1041
Level: 7
Credits: 15
School: Engineering and Science
Department: Natural Resources Institute
Module Coordinator(s): ENG & SCI TBA


Pre and co requisites

Practical and Research and Professional Skills, Biology of Global Change


Food Security is defined as the continuous availability of food in quantity and quality appropriate to sustain an active and healthy life. The combination of poverty and inequality, conflict and climate change creates food insecurity for many in the developing world and also for some in richer countries. This course will provide an introduction to the basic concepts of food security, it will review the history of interventions, current thinking and future scenarios, and provide students with the technical understanding of measurements required for assessing food security.

Learning outcomes

1. Understand and discuss the key concepts of Food Security
2. Discuss critically past, current and potential future Food Security interventions
3. Critically evaluate the Food Security status of specific communities or countries and Food Security interventions
4. Explain in detail a self-selected area of food security
5. Recognise the importance of a holistic approach to Food Security

Indicative content

• Nutrition: basic requirements of human nutrition
• Food availability: Agricultural production, Postharvest losses, Food Safety, enabling Economics and Policies
• Measuring and mapping Food (in)Security today: availability and demand, indicators, factors (poverty and inequality, conflict,
climate change..), livelihoods
• History of Food Security interventions, current developments and future scenarios

Teaching and learning activity

Material will be delivered in lectures for key seminal concepts and data as well as seminars for experience and case studies. The students will work in small groups on a case study, prepare a written report as a group and then individually prepare and deliver an oral presentation based on the group work. A field visit will complement the academic activities.


Presentation of report
Grading Mode-Numeric
Weighting % 30%
Pass Mark 50%
Word Length 15 minutes presentation + Q&A
Outline Details: The report will be a case study analysis of Food Security. Half the mark will be on the content of the report, the other half on presentation skills

Grading Mode -Numeric
Weighting % 70%
Pass Mark 50%
Outline Details : 2 hour exam with multiple choice questions and short essays to test understanding of course content