Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Module summary

Module code: INDU1165
Level: 4
Credits: 15
School: Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department: Design
Module Coordinator(s): Ikpe Ibanga



•Introduce and explain key legislation relating to construction.
• Relate the Requirements of Health and Safety with the legal aspect such as protection of the works, the workforce, visitors to site and neighbouring property and persons.
• Explain the team approach and the Construction, Design and Management Regulations.
• Explain the construction context - Health and Safety Executive fatality injury and ill health statistics.
•Explain the Risk Management Hierarchy, workforce engagement and communicating health and safety.
•How hazards on construction sites need to be managed and the importance of monitoring and supervision
• Understand Fire safety issues in property design-Grenfell

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module a student will be able to:
1 Be able to outline and explain the key health and Safety legislation relating construction.
2 Understand the practical requirements of health and safety legislation in terms of risk assessment CDM, HSE etc. to the Construction process and be able to discuss how this integrates into the legal process.
3 Understand how to promote wellbeing and the importance of the identification and management of workplace causes of ill health

Indicative content

Basic health and safety legislation and the common tools used to assess and manage risk and hazards in construction using resources and real world scenarios which will be used to construct learning and provide context. The importance of communication, teamwork and personal safety will be investigated and contextualised within the development of a safety culture. Introduction to fire safety. The promotion of wellbeing and the importance of the identification and management of workplace causes of ill health

Teaching and learning activity

The course will be delivered by lectures, discussions and workshops and seminars to explore the main issues of Occupational Health and Safety and Wellbeing within the Construction Industry.


Presentation - 30%
LO - 1,2 ,3.
Pass mark - 40%
Response to a scenario dilemma.

Risk Assessment, safe system of works and management report - 70%
LO - 2, 3.
Pass mark - 40%
2000 words.
Report to a client organisation on specific health and safety issues.

Nature of FORMATIVE assessment supporting student learning:
Creation of Risk Assessments, mini site audit and Moodle exercises reflecting no Tutorials.