Laboratory Practice Skills

Module summary

Module code: OBIO1030
Level: 0
Credits: 15
School: Engineering and Science
Department: Science
Module Coordinator(s):



This course has been developed to enable students to demonstrate a number of learning outcomes related to the knowledge and practical skills obtained in their own workplace and at the academic institution.

This course aims to:-
enable students to develop their technical skills;
ensure that students can carry out safe practice in the laboratory;
develop the students' written and oral communication skills.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, students will be able to:-
follow practical protocols correctly and safely;
conduct practical work in an organised manner;
use simple laboratory equipment;
present accurate records in an appropriate format.

Skills Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, a student will be able to work effectively as a member of a team, demonstrate practical skills, safe working practices, written communication skills, time management and presentational skills.

Indicative content

Handling and storing specimens; preparation of material for laboratory use; application of safe working practices; operation of laboratory equipment such as autoclaves, balances, centrifuges and pH meters; disposal of laboratory waste.

Teaching and learning activity

The assessment will form an integral part of the learning experience. The nature of the activities performed will be agreed in the learning contract, and will be responsive to the opportunities available in a particular workplace. Students will be supported by regular contact with a work-based supervisor and an academic tutor.


Assessment will use a combination of activities performed at the workplace and at the academic institution and will be appraised by the work-based supervisor in conjunction with an academic tutor.

Portfolio of work-based activities - 40%

Practical assignment - 30% 1000 words.

Oral presentation on an aspect of practical work related to the workplace - 30%

Minimum pass mark - 40% overall