Engineering Professional Practice

Module summary

Module code: OENG1004
Level: 6
Credits: 15
School: Engineering and Science
Department: Engineering
Module Coordinator(s): Nicholas Green



The module sets to provide deep professional understanding and knowledge of best-practice engineering industry management and leadership, quality assurance, ethics, specialised IT, professional responsibility and commitment with an integrated view to develop professional IEng and CEng Professional Registration compatible inter-personal and communication skills.
In line with the set expectations of Engineering Council: THE ACCREDITATION OF HIGHER EDUCATION PROGRAMMES, UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module a student will be able to:
1 Apply effective interpersonal skills and information management skills in communicating technical matters to a wide range of stakeholders and general public taking responsibility in engineering, managerial or leadership role.
2 Apply qualitative and quantitative techniques to conduct analytical and evaluative studies to a professional standard in keeping within industry regulatory and professional bodies.
3 Apply complex decision-making techniques and develop work plans governed by an awareness of corporate social responsibility, multi-lateral global and cultural issues, ethics, environmental issues and sustainable futures.

Indicative content

Responsibility, management or leadership
Quantitative and qualitative analysis
Situational / industry analysis
Information technology, information and knowledge management
Managing or leading global and multi-cultural teams and / or projects
Cultural competence and ethical conduct
Corporate social responsibility
Social justice and inclusive work

Communication and inter-personal skills
Writing skills for graduates (technical, non-technical, journal publications, posters)
Executive reporting (internal and external to a variety of stakeholders)
Developing and critically reviewing proposals
Oral skills (structured discussion, evidence-based debating)

Professional commitment
Health and safety legislation and best practice
Sustainable engineering practice
Environmental management
Global problems and stakeholders

Teaching and learning activity

This module is best delivered where the student learns via an inquiry-based method as would be the case in an engineering workplace. Formal lectures will enable to student to establish the scope and depth of knowledge required. Inquiry into the existing knowledge base and hands on exercises will enable a natural learning process for the student. Additionally, the student will be exposed to industry experts delivering seminars. The student will engage in a simulated work place activity and various other exercises to make the learning as realistic as possible.


Presentation - 40%
LO - 1.
Pass mark - 40%
Provide a critical review of one of the ‘professional commitment’ practices in an industry/organisation of your choice (related to future desired employment).

Report - 60%
LO - 2-3.
Pass mark - 40%
1500 words.
Reflective report: Self-assessment against the UK SPEC and outline of a critical plan to IEng or CEng registration.

Nature of FORMATIVE assessment supporting student learning:
Simulated workplace activities.