Introduction to Digital Marketing

Module summary

Module code: MARK1236
Level: 5
Credits: 15
School: Business Faculty
Department: Marketing, Events and Tourism
Module Coordinator(s): Michael De Domenici


Pre and co requisites



The aim of this course is to explore the ever-changing digital landscape and cultivate skills for increasing digital marketing effectiveness. It provides students with theories and principles of digital marketing as well as providing practical skills and knowledge to support and improve marketing activities the digital environment. It highlights the iterative nature of digital marketing and focuses on monitoring and measurement to improve marketing effectiveness.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

1 Critically discuss the theoretical framing of digital marketing strategies.

2 Apply Digital Marketing theories to practical examples and business cases.

3 Evaluate digital marketing strategies and techniques in theory and practice

Indicative content

The Digital Marketing environement, Digital Marketing Strategy, the Internet and the Marketing Mix, Relationship Marketing Using Digital Platforms and the Online Customer Experience. Digital Marketing Communications, digital channels, Evaluation and Improvement of Digital Channel Performance, and Social Media Marketing.

Teaching and learning activity

1 hour lecture and 1 hour seminar every week


Method of SUMMATIVE assessment: Report
Outcomes assessed:1-3
Grading Mode (e.g. pass/ fail; %): %
Weighting % :100%
Passmark: 40%
Word Length: 3,000
Outline Details: Students will be required to critically evaluate a theoretical aspect of Digital Marketing in relation to a given brand.

Nature of FORMATIVE assessment supporting student learning:
Group work identifying and applying a theoretical framework for an analysis of the digital marketing strategy of a given brand.