Complex Needs: Advancing Mental Health Nursing (Level 6)

Module summary

Module code: NURS1454
Level: 6
Credits: 30
School: Education, Health and Human Sci
Department: Health Sciences
Module Coordinator(s): Simon Mcardle



This course will provide the student with opportunities to:
• Examine the role of the mental health nurse as therapeutic agent
• Review the wider determinants of health affecting outcomes for mental health service users with complex needs.
• Reflect on the nursing skills required to work with complex needs in specialist services in order to promote optimum health for mental health service users.

Learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes: on successful completion of this course a student will be able to:
1 Identify and discuss the significance of the role and influence of the mental health nurse as a therapeutic agent across complex care settings
2 Analyse the basis of complex needs in mental health service users and draw on this in the provision of nursing care
3 Demonstrate knowledge of the processes integral to clinical decision-making and apply this to the care of people with complex mental health needs
4 Explore the basis of your own personal values, beliefs and emotions in relation to mental health service users who have complex needs and behaviours and consider how these influence your nursing practice
5 Determine the skills necessary for working with individuals and groups with complex mental health needs, including relapse prevention, early intervention, harm minimisation and relational security, and apply these when responding to service user concerns.

Indicative content

Role of the Mental Health Nurse
The therapeutic interpersonal skills of Mental Health Nursing
The therapeutic alliance
Clinical decision-making
Personal values in Mental Health Nursing
Relapse Prevention
Harm Minimisation
Relational Security.

Teaching and learning activity

Interactive formative activities


Method of assessment: OSCE
Outcomes assessed: 1-5
Grading Mode: Numeric
Weighting %: 100%
Pass Mark: 40
Word Length (if applicable) N/A
Outline Details: A 35 minute OSCE in which the student demonstrates the therapeutic interpersonal skills required to undertake a mental health assessment interview of a patient, and the formulation of a hypothesis regarding the presenting signs and symptoms using a published evidence based.

Nature of FORMATIVE assessment supporting student learning: Student discussion and activities.

Must all elements of summative assessment be passed to pass the course? YES