Academic Skills Preparation

Module summary

Module code: NURS1548
Level: 4
Credits: 15
School: Education, Health and Human Sci
Department: Health Sciences
Module Coordinator(s): Katharine Pearce / Geeta Hardath



This course will provide the student with the opportunity to:

• Develop an ethos for lifelong learning.
• Develop ability to access and utilise appropriate academic resources.
• Identify and maximise academic skills and apply them to academic pursuit and professional practice.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

1. Use a range of approaches for finding information in a timely manner.
2. Demonstrate an ability to read and comprehend information from a range of sources.
3. Utilise information necessary for completion of written work, using an appropriate academic style.
4. Competently use the Harvard referencing system.

Indicative content

Time management,
Organisational skills,
Prioritisation and planning,
Collaborative working.
Information technology skills,
Internet searching both locally and generally,
Information and library services,
Accessing information and searching the literature: books, journals and electronic sources.
Note taking (from books, lectures and seminars),
Different sources of information and knowledge for different purposes.
Presenting information in different ways; for different purposes, references and citations. Copyright and plagiarism.
Responding to feedback.

Teaching and learning activity

Keynote lectures and IT/skills based sessions will be delivered to students across midwifery and all fields of nursing.
• A blended approach with lectures and online discussion / feedback.
• The VLE (Moodle) will be used as a platform for on-line activities, guided and independent reading to facilitate the development of evidence based knowledge.
• Learning in Practice will involve the student in applying their knowledge and skills to care within their placement settings.


Students are required to pass ALL elements of assessment in order to pass the course.
Methods of SUMMATIVE Assessment: Article Summary.
Outcome(s) assessed by summative assessment (Please use the numbers above to refer to these): 1, 2, 3,4.
Grading Mode: Numeric .
Weighting: 100%.
Pass Mark: 40%.
Word Length: 2000.
Outline Details: A summary of an article demonstrating an understanding and use of the skills required in academic writing.

Methods of SUMMATIVE Assessment: Online Activities.
Outcome(s) assessed by summative assessment (Please use the numbers above to refer to these): 1,2,3,4.
Grading Mode: Pass / Fail.
Weighting: N/A.
Pass Mark: Pass.
Word Length: N/A.
Outline Details: Students will submit a series of short course activities.

Nature of FORMATIVE assessment supporting student learning: Seminars, on line discussion groups, exercises to demonstrate how information is accessed. On line feedback from e-learning tutor.