BSc Psychology Project

Module summary

Module code: PSYC1110
Level: 6
Credits: 30
School: Education, Health and Human Sci
Department: Human Sciences
Module Coordinator(s): Yang Ye


Pre and co requisites

Normally 120 Credits at level 5 (at least 75% of which should be Psychology)


The module provides for students the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities to transfer and expand their psychological knowledge and research skills in designing, getting ethically approved, running and writing up a piece of psychological research. In addition, the module provides students with the experience of working independently on a single project under staff supervision and to orally present a summary of their research.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module a student will be able to:
1. Design, develop and implement a research project under the guidance of a supervisor.
2. Devise realistic and original research questions and design appropriate methods of data collection.
3. Evaluate ethical implications of research and follow processes for obtaining ethical approval within a specified timeframe.
4. Orally present a summary of their research to peers and academic staff.
5. Collect, collate and present data with appropriate commentary.
6. Write up a research project report and evaluate the research within the context of existing knowledge and empirical evidence.

Indicative content

The BSc Psychology Project is an independent study. Each student is supervised individually by a member of staff. Content will reflect the topic of study. Activities will include literature searches, formulation of research questions, development of research design, application for ethical approval, data collection and analysis, and report writing.

Teaching and learning activity

Self-directed learning under supervision. Presentation session to peers and staff members. Three 1-hour lectures on general guidance and support to facilitate project completion.


Presentation: 10% weighting,
40% pass mark.
Learning Outcomes: 4.
Outline Details: Students will present an early summary of their research project to a small group of peers and members of academic staff. This requires a PowerPoint presentation and Q&A session.

Final Project Report: 90% weighting,
40% pass mark.
Learning Outcomes: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6.
Word Length: 5,500 for quantitative projects; 6,500 for projects involving qualitative methods. +/-10%.
Outline Details: Follows the format of a standard Psychology lab report or relevant psychological journal article.

Formative Assessment: Project elements: • Pre-requisite modules (e.g., PSYC-0042 Research Methods in Psychology II) provide the formative background for the module requirements • Supervisor interaction (e.g., feedback on ethical approval application, research question, design and methods) provide formative assessment throughout the module • All students must apply for Ethical Approval and receive feedback from an independent reviewer on their application that must include the project outline. • The research Presentation will provide students with the opportunity to get further feedback on their project from both peers and staff during presentation question and answer session prior to the final project write-up. • Feedback from supervisor on Draft submission (with the exclusion of the Discussion section) prior to the submission of Final Research Report.