CPDA Professional Practice Placement

Module summary

Module code: WORK1033
Level: U
School: Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department: Design
Module Coordinator(s): Lindsay Keith


Pre and co requisites

Completed Level 5


The CPDA professional practice placement aims to help students synthesise knowledge and skills acquired during the first two years of the degree programme and apply them appropriately in a working environment under the supervision of an employer. It provides students with the opportunity to manage and enhance the development of their own personal skills, acquire and develop a range of skills such as communication skills, professional awareness, technological and creative skills, employability skills, and have the opportunity to apply them in a work environment. It also aims to provide students with an opportunity to work supervised and unsupervised with an appreciation of work ethics.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

1. successfully apply their creative skills in a practical working environment;

2. achieve competence in the creative, communication, presentational and enterprise skills necessary to meet the demands of a career in the creative industries;

3. demonstrate critical self-awareness in the identification and development of
their skills and aptitudes.

Indicative content

The student will build upon employability skills developed in the first two years of the programme and during the placement year. The focus of the sandwich placement will be to gain work experience and make use of the opportunities provided to apply the skills & knowledge developed in the first two years of the degree at the work place in a professional environment. The student will submit two progress reports during the course of the placement year.

Teaching and learning activity

There is no formal teaching associated with the placement. However, the placement provides plenty of on-the-job learning opportunities for students to further develop graduate and employability skills. Students will be guided by an industrial supervisor at the work place and an academic tutor from the University to help them develop in their role, and there will be a minimum of two on-site visits by a tutor in the course of the placement. The minimum length of placement is 36 weeks.


Professional practice will be assessed on a pass/fail basis in order to satisfy the requirements for obtaining an award in the sandwich mode. The assessment will be based on two reports from the Visiting Placement Tutor, one final placement report from the Professional Supervisor (employer) and two interim (progress) reports submitted by the student.
Reports - 100% Pass/Fail
LO - 1, 2, 3