Greenwich Sound Image Festival

Greenwich Sound Image Festival, 10th - 28th November 2020

Experience world-leading audio-visual art.

Greenwich SOUND/IMAGE festival presents a series of exhibitions, workshops, talks and activities showcasing leading audio-visual art that investigates relationships between sound and image. The University's School of Design has hosted a SOUND/IMAGE conference since 2015, inviting international world-leading artists to share their work and practice, in an open and accessible environment.

This year, with support of the Royal Borough of Greenwich and in partnership with The Greenwich Hospital, Museum of Walking and School of Noise, we are delighted to programme a public festival of exhibitions and activities, bringing this leading research and exploration of Sound and Image to the Greenwich community.

Take part in workshops & talks, visit our exhibitions and explore a diversity of audio-visual practices in the heart of the Greenwich community. Entrance is free to all our events and exhibitions. COVID safe policies apply and, in most cases, booking is necessary.

Information also available here:  University of Greenwich Galleries.

Following the government lockdown, the Festival has been reconfigured so that it can be accessed online. In addition, the exhibitions can be viewed and engaged with externally through the gallery windows. Any updates in access information will be posted here.  Registration is required for access to the online exhibitions and activities.
Date(s) Event Location Exhibitors / Exhibits
10th November - 18th December 2020

Open 11am - 4pm, Tue - Sat

Universal Crepitation

Exhibition of audio-visual works, spanning a wide range of practices, including theatre, video, dance, music, and installation art that explore sound as a granular ever-present entity

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Following the government lockdown this exhibition has been reconfigured so that it can be viewed and engaged with through the gallery window.  

The period of the exhibition will be extended until 18th December to allow opportunity for members of the public to visit it in the event that the current measures are lifted on 2nd December. Any updates in access information will be posted here.

Stephen Lawrence Gallery  Ole Hagen, Oscar Nearly, Mhairi Vari, working in collaboration with Hannah James-Scott, Hannah Jowett and Rhea T-W.
14th - 28th November 2020

Greenwich Sounds

A 14-day challenge for residents and workshop participants to record sound walks and curate soundscapes of the Greenwich borough area, launched through an online Zoom workshop. Members of the public and University community are invited to create unique sonic portraits of their own Greenwich.

Suitable for all ages.  Booking required.

Greenwich sound maps and Zoom workshop Rethinking Cities: Andrew Stuck and Marcin Barski.

10th - 18th December 2020 

Sound & Image / Sonos Localia

Celebrating research in Sound and Image fostered at the University of Greenwich, including the recent Routledge publication "Sound & Image: Aesthetics and Practices" Andrew Knight-Hill (ed.) and new releases from the surround sound record label Sonos Localia. 

Suitable for all ages.

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  In line with the government lockdown, this display is currently only accessible to staff and students of the University of Greenwich.  The period of the exhibition will therefore be extended until 18th December to allow opportunity for members of the public to visit it in the event that the current measures are lifted on 2nd December. 

Project Space, Stockwell Street Academic Building, University of Greenwich

Andrew Knight-Hill, Ian Thompson, students, artists and composers featured in the publication and recordings.
10th - 15th November 2020

11am - 5pm daily
Audio-visual Installations in Greenwich Market

Experience world leading audio-visual art in the heart of the community as the SOUND/IMAGE Festival transforms a shop unit within historic Greenwich Market into a contemporary exhibition space, hosting international artists and newly commissioned works that explore the interplay of sound and light.

Suitable for all agesMay have flashing lights.

Following the government lockdown, this exhibition has been reconfigured so that it is possible to view and engage with it through the shop windows. 
Shop Unit 3-3A, Greenwich Market 

Jim Hobbs: Moribund States (sound/light installation).

Poulomi Usurp Desai​: Video Showreel Projection.

Sean Russell Hallowell: Trompe l'Oreille (video).

Amit Patel: Sound Installation (New Commission).

Plus showreel of work by various artists.
21st November 2020

School of Noise, Sound Making Workshop

Hands-on, interactive workshops that encourage exploration of music and the science of sound through creative and imaginative activities using sound in accessible, fun and educational ways.

Explore sampling sounds, Foley (live sound effects for film), designing and performing graphic scores and taking guided listening walks.

Suitable for ages 7-12.

During this online workshop, Dan from the School of Noise will explore a different way of writing music which everyone can join in with. People taking part can learn what a graphic score is, create their own unique composition and perform it. The workshop will also discover other ways that musicians and scientists can visualise sound.

Following the government lockdown it will not be possible to hold this workshop 'in person'.

Register to attend the online event.

QA 063 (Council room), ORNC, University of Greenwich.

School of Noise
14th, 21st and 28th November 2020

11am - 5pm
Expanded Artforms 

A weekly changing exhibition of works by Digital Arts MA students from the School of Design.

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Following the COVID 19 lockdown, it will no longer be possible to allow visitors to this exhibition.  A video of each weeks outcome will be available online, which will be available once the recording has been made.

Heritage Gallery (QA 077), Queen Anne Building, University of Greenwich

University of Greenwich Digital Arts MA students.
20th November 2020

5:30 - 6:30pm
Introducing 'A Proposal for Radical Hospitality'

Royal Museums Greenwich National Outreach Curator, Matilda Pye and Sound Artist Peter Adjaye talk about the commissioning and making of a new sound-work currently on exhibition at the Queens House.

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, this event takes place in front of an invited audience of limited numbers. Tickets to attend the event virtually are available.

Booking required.

Room QA 075, Queen Anne Building, University of Greenwich and via Zoom

Peter Adjaye and Matilda Pye.

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