Doreen Nielsen

Doreen Nielsen MSc, PGCE

Doreen Nielsen

Senior Lecturer, Learning Technology

Department of Systems Management and Strategy

Faculty of Business


Doreen Nielsen graduated in Computing Science and worked in industry in Union Carbide and various other organisations (in the Technology, Healthcare, Financial, Telecommunications and Consumer Goods industries) in IT project management and consultancy in different countries in the UK, Europe and South East Asia. She has also led the IT department of a regional medical services company (with overseas projects in the Far East and South East Asia) in Singapore. She joined academia teaching in the School of Computing Science before moving to the Business Faculty.

Past and Current Teaching

E-Business (BUSI1482) ; E-Business (BUSI1556) ; Management and Information Systems (BUSI1328) ; Information systems (COMP1237) ; MBA/MA (BUSI) Dissertation Supervisions ; PPD1 (BUSI1204) ; PPD2 (BUSI1238) ; Value Chain Management (BUSI1330) ; Project Management/Project Planning (MARK1046) ; Process Centred Management (Integrated Marking and Operations Management) (MARK1040).

Past Teaching (Computing Science)

Undergraduate subject areas included:

Year 3 (or level 3), covering Methodologies and Tools for the Engineering of Information System and Computing Project Management;

Year 2 (or level 2), covering Computer Architectures and Operating Systems, Systems Analysis and Design and Business Information Systems;

Year 1 (or level 1), covering Introduction to E-Business Applications and Information Technology in Organisations.

Postgraduate subject areas included :

  • E-Commerce (Web Design, HTML, JavaScript, XML)
  • Computer Networks: Operations and Applications, Design and Evaluation of Interactive Systems, Management Support Systems (Intelligent Systems and Networks), Online Database Systems and Information Systems, Management and Strategy.

Previous Online Teaching (Computing Science)

Doreen's teaching has included Foundation Degree level modules and Computations and Systems Design, both of which led to Work Based Learning Projects; Network and Operating Systems and Java Programming and Level 1 subjects such as Systems Design and Information Systems Analysis.

Doreen Nielsen's research interests are in the areas of collaborative learning using IT systems, service science in IT systems, new technology, innovation and social impacts, sustainability of IT systems and IT system sciences.NOTE: Postgraduate students seeking supervisors are encouraged to link up with supervisors whose research focus areas closely match your project topics.

Doreen Nielsen is also a reviewer for online learning contents posted on the university's Computing Science Online Distance Learning portal.

Past MBA/MA Research Topics

  • How the hostels industry in the UK can use social media to increase sales
  • Growing computational demands and response of IT Data Centers: a focus on IT business
  • Nearshoring vs Offshoring: The Driving factors behind Nearshoring decisions of German Medium Sized companies
  • Impact of outsourcing strategies on firm's performance- A study of TFL
  • Consumer buying behaviour towards online shopping in the context of Tesco
  • Is Nigeria ready for e-commerce?
  • The effect of Online Banking on Women Entrepreneur Satisfaction (Case study of Unity Bank PLC, Nigeria)
  • E-Marketing - An Effective Tool for Tesco
  • The Loyalty Programme and its influence on the purchasing behaviour of customer during tough economic times: Tesco as Case Study
  • The Usage of Collaborative Knowledgebase System in Higher Institutions
  • Mobile-Based Virtual Learning Environment: Testing Students' Readiness and Acceptability of Mobile Education (Case Study – University of Greenwich)
  • Are Students Getting Value For Money From Higher Education, As A Result Of Fee Increase?
  • Direction of adopting modern Supply chains tools for Small and Medium sized Food industry in Thailand.
  • Analysis of Customer Service in South-Eastern Railway
  • Lean Manufacturing at Jamana Printers Production Tanzania
  • The study of factors influencing decision making for International Logistics Services of SDV Logistics (Thailand) Ltd

Past achievements of supervised MBA/MA students (University of Greenwich – Beagle Online Research Journal)

  • The adaptation of social media networks to increase sales in the UK hostels industry (Iwona Zareba, Jan 2014)

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