The publication scheme tells you how to request information, or how to find it using a link to the relevant area.

We use the Model Publication Scheme for Universities, prepared and approved by the Information Commissioner. It is set out as a list of the kinds of information we will make available, unless:

  • we do not hold the information
  • it is exempt under one of the FOI exemptions or EIR exceptions
  • it is inaccessible (for instance in databases)
  • it would be impractical or take too much time to prepare the material for routine release.

The publication scheme also tells you how to request the information, or find it using a link to the relevant area.

Almost all publications listed are copyright of the University of Greenwich. You may be infringing our copyright if you reproduce material supplied through the publication scheme, or in response to a request for information, without permission.

If any of the links don't work, you have a comment or complaint about the publication scheme, or you require further information, please contact

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