About the university

Governance and management

The processes, policies and systems by which the university is administered and directed.

Policies and strategies

We have policies and guidelines covering everything from academic procedures to achieving the best value for money in all university projects.

University leadership

Responsibilities and contact information for the university's senior management staff.

Information compliance

Helping the University and its employees comply with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Data Protection legislation.

The Governing Body (formerly Court)

The Governing Body is our main decision-making body, and has ultimate responsibility for the university's strategic plans and deployment of resources. It monitors the university's overall performance and holds the Vice-Chancellor accountable for effective and efficient management.

Health & Safety

Information about the Health & Safety Unit, policy and training.

Planning and Statistics

Planning and Statistics analyses data for incorporation into external returns and to provide insights for strategic planning purposes.

Governance and legal

The management of the university encompasses various areas including the Governing Body (formerly Court), health and safety and faculties.

University finances explained

Information about how the University earns and spends money to further its strategic objectives.

Academic Council

The council maintains academic standards within the university and advises the University Governing Body on the resource implications of its planning.


The University of Greenwich has a number of committees, working groups and other groups. This page focuses only on those committees whose business is university-wide and which draw members from different areas of the university. It does not cover committees and groups convened by the Faculties and Professional Service Directorates.

Risk Management

The University of Greenwich continuously develops and maintains an effective approach to risk management. Risk management involves a planned, systematic approach to identifying, evaluating and controlling the financial, administrative, commercial and reputational that can arise through our business activities.


This is information about the University's insurance policies.