Professor Susan Corby

Professor Susan Corby MA, PGDip, PhD

Professor Susan Corby

Professor Susan Corby
MA, PGDip, PhD

Professor of Employment Relations

Department of Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour

Faculty of Business

Before becoming an academic, first at Manchester Metropolitan University and since 1998 at the University of Greenwich, Professor Susan Corby was Senior Industrial Relations Officer at the Royal College of Midwives and Assistant General Secretary of the Association of First Division Civil Servants (FDA).

Professor Corby was a research officer for Industrial Relations Services, a commercial publisher and also worked for the Advisory Conciliation & Arbitration Service when it was first established in 1975.

Teaching and administrative activities

  • Course leader
  • Employment regulation MA HRM

MPhil/PhD supervision

  • Jayne Cunningham
  • Current: Arbitrator for the Advisory, Conciliation & Arbitration Service (Acas)
  • 2006–10: Independent expert under the equal value legislation
  • 1989–2012: Member of the Central Arbitration Committee
  • 1988-2010: Member of the Employment Appeal Tribunal
    • Labour courts/employment tribunals in France, Germany and the UK. 
    • Disability in employment.

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