Yuliya Yurchenko

Yuliya Yurchenko PhD, MSc, MA, BA Hons

Yuliya Yurchenko

Yuliya Yurchenko
PhD, MSc, MA, BA Hons

Lecturer in International Business, PSIRU associate

Department of International Business and Economics

Business School

Yuliya Yurchenko joined the International Business and Economics Department of the University of Greenwich in December 2013.

She was previously a Lecturer in International Relations (Political Economy) at the University of Portsmouth (2011-2013), an Associate Tutor in International Relations and Global Political Economy at the University of Sussex (2007-2013), and a Course Convenor and Instructor at the International Study Centre at Herstmonceux , Queen's (Canada) University (2013).

Her PhD research focused on politico-economic transformation of post-1991 Ukraine's economy, privatisation of state-owned enterprises, and direct (i.e. lobbying) and indirect (i.e. International Financial Institutions: IMF and EBRD) role of the EU and US business in these processes. She specialised in the ruling bloc formation in Ukraine, interconnections between political, economic, security, and criminal elements in that bloc and their use of allegedly EU-isation/neoliberalisation reform for personal economic gain. At various stages of her doctorate research she worked on:

(1) 'European' as a concept and a myth; its definitional and physical borders; and its role in state formation in the post-Soviet Eastern Europe and Ukraine.

(2) Role and locus of agency in Eastern European post-1991 politico-economic transformation.

(3) Role and locus of mass media in the Orange Revolution in 2004 Ukraine.

(4) Historical and systemic causalities of the depth of impact of the credit crunch in Ukraine.

(5) Interlocking directorates, global policy platforms, and global hierarchies of business lobby and interests groups.

(6) Transforming modes of accumulation of capital. Her current research interests also include offshore, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), global business lobby networks, and global privatisation trends.

Funded research projects

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and () . Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU), Greenwich, London.

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