Diane Norton

Diane Norton RM, RGN, RSCN, BSc Hons, PGDip, MSc

Diane Norton

Diane Norton
RM, RGN, RSCN, BSc Hons, PGDip, MSc

Senior Lecturer, Children’s Nursing

Department of Family Care and Mental Health

Faculty of Education and Health

Diane Norton is a Senior Lecturer for Children's Nursing in the Department of Family Care and Mental Health at the University of Greenwich.

Diane became senior lecturer at the university in 2009 and course coordinator on pre-registration and post-registration children's nursing courses and BA Hons Childhood Studies programme. She also lectures on shared courses across all branches of nursing.

Her clinical Link tutor responsibilities are in the children's areas at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich and children's community services in Bromley and Bexley. 

Having worked overseas for 12 years in Nepal as a nurse, midwife and lecturer, Diane retains a keen interest in overseas development work, cross cultural studies and transcultural nursing care. She shares these experiences through lecturing, publications, conference presentations and developed with overseas visits to a variety of countries including India, Uganda, Cambodia and the Czech Republic.

Posts held previously:

  • 2009-14, Associate Lecturer, Open University
  • 2007-08, Continuing Professional Development (BSc and MSc) Route Leader Child health specific, City University
  • 2005-08, Programme Director for postgraduate diploma in Nursing Child Branch, City University
  • 2000-08, Lecturer (until 2006) and Senior lecturer (2006–08), City University
  • Senior Lecturer, Children's Nursing, Department of Family Care and Mental Health
  • Lecturer and course coordinator on pre-registration and post-registration children's nursing courses, and BA Hons Childhood Studies programme
  • Link tutor
  • External Examiner, Graduate entry programme, child branch, University of Nottingham, since 2011
  • Associate Lecturer, Partnership in International Medical Education (PRIME), undertaking medical and nursing education visits to Nepal
  • Trustee of the International Nepal Fellowship (INF)

Diane's research interests include cultural and religious influences in nursing and international development and cross-cultural care; her MSc degree project focused on nursing care in Nepal.

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Norton, D. (2009). Visiting and Teaching internationally, the pleasures, pitfalls and sustainability. RCN Joint Education Forums 2nd International Conference and Exhibition, Concurrent session. 11-13th June, Glasgow.

Norton, D. (2007). Cultural Diversity in Nursing. RCN Joint Education Forum's 1st International Conference, Beyond Borders: international nursing education in the 21st century, 5-7 July, Brighton.

Norton, D. (2006). Issues around diversity. RCN General Children's Nursing Forum Conference, Children and nurses: rights and responsibilities, 22nd June 2006, Royal College of Nursing, London.

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