Dr Steve Woodhead

Dr Steve Woodhead BSc Hons, PhD, FIET, FBCS, SFHEA, CEng, CITP

Dr Steve Woodhead

Dr Steve Woodhead

Director of Extended Provision; Reader in Computer Systems and Networks

Department of Engineering Science

Faculty of Engineering and Science

Dr Steve Woodhead obtained his BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the (then) Thames Polytechnic in 1987, after which he completed a PhD in Instrument Engineering at the University of Greenwich in 1992. His first part-time lecturing position was at Thames Polytechnic on in 1988, where he taught analogue electronics.

Dr Woodhead joined the full-time staff of the University of Greenwich in 1990, where he has taught a range of subjects including instrument engineering, reliability engineering, research methodology and computer network security.

Dr Woodhead is a Fellow of both the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the British Computer Society. He is also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a Chartered Engineer and a Chartered Information Technology Professional.

Dr Woodhead has undertaken research in electronic instrumentation as well as cyber security and has supervised over ten PhD students in these research areas. He also has scholarly interests in technology for learning, including virtualisation and on-line learner support.

Dr Woodhead has published over 70 refereed papers in these related areas and has also acted as Principal Investigator for a number of external grants.

Funded research projects

  • TSB/EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Partnership: Development of Smart Control for Lightweight Robotic EOD Vehicle (KTP No: 8774). Value: £112k. 01/07/12 to 31/12/14.
  • TSB/EPSRC Shorter Knowledge Transfer Partnership: Analysis of Energy Savings Resulting from Power Factor Correction. Value: £38k. 08/11/2010 to 12/08/2011.
  • TSB/EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Partnership: Development of E-Commerce and ICT. (KTP No: 7983). Value: £119k. 01/10/10 to 30/09/12.
  • TSB/EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Partnership: Development of a Lightweight Remote-Operated Vehicle for EOD Applications. (KTP No: 7458). Value: £111k. 01/10/09 to 30/09/11.

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