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Sound/Image Colloquium: Exploring Sonic and Audio-visual Practice

The second event held in 2016 events brought together artists and experts to investigate sound and sound-image. 

The full programme.

We were delighted to introduce the following guest speakers at the event:

Cornelia Lund is an art and media theorist and curator living in Berlin. Since 2004, she has been co-director of fluctuating images ( a platform for media art and design with a focus on audiovisual artistic production. Cornelia Lund is co-editor of Audio.Visual: On Visual Music and Related Media (Arnoldsche, 2009), Design der Zukunft (AV Edition, 2014), The Audiovisual Breakthrough (2015; and the online platform Post-Digital Culture (

Tim Howle is Professor of Contemporary music at the University of Kent. He is fascinated by the relationship between acoustic and electroacoustic forces and how these can be augmented with the inclusion of video. "Acousmatic music is a function of the recording process, however, video can be thought of in a similar way. Adding acousmatic music to experimental video offers an opportunity to re-evaluate the position of both art forms where ideas and technical means are hybridised."


Katrin Köppert - University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz/Austria

Julie Watkins - University of Greenwich

Matthew Galea - University of Malta

Louise Harris - University of Glasgow

Stefanie Bräuer - University of Basel, Switzerland

Daniel von Rüdiger - University of Art and Design Linz; Academy of Art and Design Basel

Lewis Sykes - Manchester Metropolitan University

Abel, Carlo & Max Korinsky
Ryan Jordan - School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong and Critical Media Lab, Basel, Switzerland

Jaroslaw Kapuscinski - Stanford University

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