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Health & Society Research Group Faculty of Education & Health

The Health and Society Research Group brings together researchers and scholars, united by one common interest. The health and wellbeing of individuals and populations.  We take a critical approach in order to address and understand the needs of vulnerable people in society due to a health condition or disability. Our goal is to investigate challenges that health and social care professionals face in an ever changing society.

We have specialist expertise in a wide range of methodologies including:

  • Quantitative (secondary analysis and social network analysis)
  • Qualitative methods (thematic and framework analysis)
  • The evaluation of health and educational programmes.

We aim to produce original research that will respond to "real world" problems with an aim to inform policy, practice and effect change amongst the wider public.

Our commitment to multi-disciplinary research brings together academic staff across the University who share a common interest in public health and healthcare policy research. W  providing a platform for collaboration, knowledge transfer and the exchange of ideas with external organisations in the health and social care economy. 

We are proud to deliver high-quality research across the following three  areas:

  1. Vulnerable Groups in Society (e.g. Health and social inclusion of minority ethnic populations; Older Adults; Living with long-term conditions)
  2. Mental Health and Wellbeing (e.g. End of life care; Mental health and substance use)
  3. Changing Occupations and Professionalism (e.g. New roles in nursing; Regulation of the health care professions)