University bus service

Our intercampus bus service helps students and staff to travel between each campus. All regular vehicles are fitted with Wi Fi and USB chargers. Discover how the bus service operates.

Bus routes

The service covers four routes shown below:

Avery Hill - Greenwich

This is a free service linking Avery Hill Campus (and the Student Village) with Greenwich Campus. Our electric double deck buses are fully accessible and operate until 10:45 pm during term time.

Avery Hill - Greenwich timetable

This service stops throughout the day at Eltham Station (for pick-ups) and Falconwood Station (drop-offs). We will also drop you off on the way home from Greenwich in Eltham High Street to do your shopping and pick you up later. You will need to swipe your Greenwich Gateway Card on the reader when boarding the bus (exceptions are allowed for new students).

Medway routes

This is a coach service operating between Greenwich and Medway Campus. The two core vehicles use diesel hybrid technology producing far fewer emissions than conventional engines. A 22-seat minibus operates between Avery Hill and Medway.

Greenwich - Medway timetable

Avery Hill - Medway timetable


For the Medway routes you must purchase a ticket online and book your journey.

Register @ and download our user guide here.

Each single trip to or from Medway requires one ticket to be booked. Tickets are valid for 365 days. Prices are heavily subsidised by the university to keep user costs low. You can read more about this here.

Ticket typeFares 2022/23 Fares 2023/24
1-ticket£3.50 £3.65
10-tickets£25 £26.25
20-tickets£43 £45.15
50-tickets£100 £105

Staff travelling on the Medway routes for business journeys (not commuting) can recharge tickets to their department. This is available from the bus ticket site with your university email address by requesting recharges from the Profile tab in 'Manage Bookings'.


A dedicated free minibus service during term time only to our Bathway site in Woolwich from Avery Hill and Greenwich campuses. This service does not have Wi Fi or USB charging. Please have your university ID when boarding the bus.

Bathway timetable

Commuter bursary

Our commuter bursaries support students from low-income households who face challenging travel costs to attend university.