Graduate Outcomes

Have your say in the biggest UK annual social survey that captures the perspectives and current status of recent graduates.

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The Graduate Outcomes Survey captures your perspectives and activities 15 months after you complete your studies. Find out more about the Survey below and keep your details up to date to ensure you have your say.

What is the survey?

The Graduate Outcomes is the biggest UK annual social survey and captures the perspectives and current status of recent graduates.

The survey asks about what you’re doing 15 months after completing your degree as well as some more subjective questions about how you feel about your current situation and general wellbeing. There’s a core set of questions which you’ll need to answer so your response can be used, but in total the survey should take about ten minutes to complete online.

If you’ve not heard of the survey before, you can find out more by watching this short video.

Why is it important?

Your responses will be crucial in allowing current and future students to make informed choices and they will also help us to evaluate and promote our courses. It will also contribute to the university’s position in the league tables, provide sector insights and highlight trends in the graduate job market.

Why should I take part?

  • Your input helps to inform students’ choices and enables universities to make improvements for their students and future generations.
  • It enables our Employability and Careers Service to provide tailored careers advice which you can continue to access for up to two years after graduation.
  • You will be supporting academic staff working with students to connect their academic experiences to their longer term success.

How do I take part?

Graduates are grouped together across the year into four cohorts based on end date of your course. Depending on your course end date, you will be contacted around 15 months after you completed your course, and will be asked to complete the survey on behalf of the University of Greenwich and HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency). You will be contacted either via email or phone and the survey can be completed online or on the phone.

Below is the usual timeframe:

End date of courseSurvey invitation
August to OctoberDecember
November to JanuaryMarch
February to AprilJune
May to JulySeptember

The survey should take about ten minutes and you'll have approximately 12 weeks to complete the survey and you will receive emails and texts to reminder you.

It’s important that we have your current contact details so that you receive the survey.

What happens to my data?

Graduate Outcomes data will be collected by HESA or their behalf as part of their wider data collection and analysis activities.  This data will be shared with the University of Greenwich and will be stored and accessed in compliance data protection legislation along with the policies for both HESA and the University of Greenwich.

Where can I find out more information?

A graduate Q&A is available on the Graduate Outcomes website.