Giving to Greenwich

Join our growing community of supporters who empower and enable our students to seize every opportunity possible.

A legacy of giving

Our founder, Francis Didden, believed that reforming education would improve the lives and prospects of the local poor in Woolwich. Over a century later, our ambition remains to remove the barriers to education.

You can be there for our students and graduates when they need it most.

Whether through making a gift or giving your time, you offer support that cannot be accessed elsewhere.

Bursaries, scholarships or hardship funding helps to remove some of the barriers our students encounter as they invest their future lives. They can miss out on the additional support of networks many of us utilise in our careers, especially if they are the first in their family to go to university. Juggling education with part-time work and family commitments can make it harder for students to experience university life to the full, and this is where your time and generosity can make an important difference.

We can’t do this without you. Find out how you can help.