Study your passion, shape your future: Andreea


Andreea: Criminology student and anti-trafficking advocate

In early 2021 we caught up with Andreea, a first year BSc Criminology & Criminal Psychology student, to get the lowdown on why she made the choice to study criminology and what she thought about Greenwich.

"Studying Criminology seemed the best place to start"

During her high school years in Romania, she volunteered for an anti-human-trafficking organisation. “The experience had a big impact on me… the reality of the situation just left me heartbroken” she says. This experience instilled in her the importance of helping victims and of trying to understand fully the extent of the problem. She felt “studying criminology seemed the best place to start".

Starting her course at Greenwich has really opened Andreea’s eyes to the future. “I have discovered that I have so many possibilities regarding a career - the degree is just the start!” She also credits Greenwich with opening “some amazing opportunities for me”. Passionate about learning new languages and experiencing new cultures, Andreea felt studying abroad was the natural choice. Greenwich seems to have been a great fit for her. “What I love about studying at Greenwich is the fact that I can experience such a diverse cultural environment - there are students here from all around the globe and, amazingly, I get to experience such a community.”

What's next?

Post-lockdown, Andreea is looking forward to returning to exploring London with her uni friends. And, in the longer term? Andreea hopes that, with the knowledge she gains from her degree, she’ll be able to be of positive help to the victims of human trafficking. Watch this space!

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