The Bathway Theatre


Our Bathway Theatre - located in central Woolwich - is the perfect space for Greenwich’s drama students to develop their craft

The Bathway TheatreThe Bathway TheatreThe Bathway Theatre entranceThe Bathway Theatre stageBathway Theatre

Drama at Greenwich is practice-led. Join one of our courses - BA (Hons) Drama, BA (Hons) Drama with International Study, BA (Hons) Drama & English Literature, or BA (Hons) Drama & English Literature with International Study - and you’ll get exclusive access to the University’s very own theatre! With an actively-used flexible 100-seat auditorium, state-of-the-art digital technology and 6 multi-purpose rehearsal/studio spaces, we can’t think of a better way for you to learn, hands-on, the thrills and challenges of theatre-making!

Located in Woolwich - a lively area with an emerging cultural scene, especially with the development of Woolwich Works - Bathway started its life as the Woolwich Public Baths, built in the 1890s. In its original form, it offered two swimming pools, a wash house and even a laundry - fast forward a century or so and a very different kind of immersive experience is offered there!

The theatre is also more than just a teaching facility. As well as giving space for student industry-focussed activities such as rehearsals for a recent alumni theatre company, Bathway plays host to a range of performances.There’s also a strong sense of community as it is instrumental in connecting a range of practitioners - local performers, visiting companies, international artists and academic researchers.

Find out more about the Theatre - and check out the programme of performances - here.

What will the next hundred years of Bathway hold?