Felipe Angulo Diaz


BA Hons Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation graduate Felipe gives advice to mature students working full time.

Felipe Diaz 

What are you studying?

"I originally studied BA Hons Business with Language and I realised that the subjects were related to the current work I do now as a duty manager for a restaurant. I then decided to slightly alter my degree path and learn new business skills. So I changed to Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation, in the hope to one day run my own business."

Were you originally in full-time employment before studying at Greenwich?

"Yes, and I'm still employed by Whitbread working at one of their Table - Table restaurants as a duty manager."

What was it like studying and working at the same time?

"It does take a lot of time. It has been challenging studying three years and working 30h per week. Yet, it is also really rewarding. You get to interact with different people. You gain skills on how to provide a great service while developing abilities gained from mentoring and teamwork studying at university."

Why did you decide to study a degree despite working full-time?

"It's difficult to progress in my current role because all the positions are filled. This is what made me decide to study, get a degree, and apply for a higher position."

What advice would you give to more mature students like yourself that are working full-time? How can they balance studying and working at the same time?

"Being organised saves a lot of time. It is important not to be afraid of trying new activities such as events, networking opportunities, which the university provides. Trying new things can actually encourage you to push a little bit more. Being proactive also helps. My advice would be to give it a go and not be afraid to go to university. Age does not matter. One great example is my mother, she graduated last year and she's 65."

Where does your drive and motivation come from?

"I always like to do different activities, doing different sports such as, triathlons, rock climbing, cycling and roller skating. During the last few years, I had the opportunity to be involved with the Greenwich Employability Passport Scheme, that gave me many directions to follow my drive to try new things."

What is one of your favourite activities or opportunities with the Greenwich Employability Passport?

"The networking opportunities or lunches with industry experts from Morgan Stanley or Directors from Barclay's and Savills stand out. Achieving the highest points on the Passport scheme gave me more confidence, I have become more mature, trying new activities by going to different conferences and events. So it has been amazing. I could not have made it without the constant support of my wife, family and friends."