Melanie Georgieva: "Many things about Greenwich shaped who I am today."


Melanie Georgieva successfully finished her undergraduate and postgraduate degree at Greenwich. Currently, she is building her career in the leading fintech company Revolut.

How much did your professional life change after graduation?

After I completed my undergraduate degree in International Business, I pursued a CIPD Accredited MA in Human Resource Management. I chose to stay and do my master's at Greenwich because I liked the support I get there, and I really grew fond of the campus and the people there. I made so many friends that are both staff and students.

People here are amazing. I have now submitted my dissertation and am awaiting my final grade. In the meantime, I was able to make another dream of mine come true – work in Canary Wharf for one of the leading fintech companies in the market – Revolut.

 I always used to admire the shiny buildings of Canary Wharf as a student and dreamt to work there one day and Greenwich equipped me with the knowledge and experience to do so.119297

When you look back to your university experience, do you think it helped you be where you are now?

Many things about Greenwich shaped who I am today. Like when I first moved into student halls and was challenged with learning basic tasks like how to cook for myself, do groceries, gain more independence. Building my confidence by being part of the Model UN society, where I had the opportunity to attend a real Harvard MUN conference in Madrid and debate on real-life topics in front of people from all around the world.

I also took part in the Business School Mentoring scheme for four years and had mentors from IBM, Orbis International, PwC, Northern Trust. All these people showed me what they do at their workplace, thought me interview skills, how the business works and so many other valuable things.

Finally, I the team that contributed the most to who I am today is BSEO. When I wanted to do a placement year. I was so unconfident, and they took my case to heart, did so many mock interviews with me and took me under their wing making me believe in myself. By the end of it I secured not one, but two placement offers which I did not think was possible.

How did you discover the University of Greenwich?

To be honest Greenwich found me. The university has a very good marketing campaign where it advertised  this beautiful campus a few times to me and I could not resist being drawn to it. It is truly beautiful. Then I saw my programme International Business and really liked the courses at offer, so I applied, and the rest is history.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I am always all over the place and keep taking up one thing and another. I do not have a plan for the next 5 years but am very happy where I am now in life. I feel I am exactly where I need to be. I never stop developing myself further and am still learning even though I graduated university. At the moment, in my free time I am doing a Python course with Code First Girls. This is a free course for females interested in tech which I also found through Greenwich. I like to challenge myself and am a firm believer that we have our whole life to learn and discover ourselves, so that's my plan for the next five years.