Vaccine Hesitancy


Meet the researchers and practitioners engaging with frontline workers to investigate their responses to vaccines.

Meet the researchers

Working as part of an international team of researchers, Professor Sian Moore and Dr Nigel Carter discuss their research on vaccine hesitancy, funded by The British Academy under the Covid-19 Recovery Programme.

Do frontline workers go into work and risk getting COVID-19 or do they stay home and risk missing getting paid and feeding their family? What if a person’s faith and belief systems mean they may not want to take the vaccine? Longstanding structural inequalities influenced the decisions of frontline workers during the height of the pandemic when it came to getting the vaccine.

With the rise of vaccine hesitancy among these groups, community organisations have stepped in to address the issues of marginalised frontline workers in a culturally sensitive manner, while thinking about what we can do in the future. Researchers based in the UK and USA, practitioners and community workers discuss the cultural, social, political and economic factors tied to the relationship between different communities and the COVID-19 vaccine. The findings from the project will be shared with practitioners and policymakers to help shape the continuing response to the pandemic. Researchers: Professor Sian Moore, University of Greenwich; Dr Eklou Amendah, University of Southern Maine; Dr Calvin Burns, University of Greenwich; Professor Christina Clamp, Southern New Hampshire University with thanks to the Oxford Community Action food redistribution centre for allowing us to film with their organisation.