About our psychology labs


We use a range of equipped psychology labs to help us with our research, testing and observations. Find out more about our facilities.

Located in the heart of Greenwich, south-east London, Psychology is taught at our iconic Greenwich Campus which sits on a World Heritage Site. Our ten Psychology lab rooms, each with a different purpose, can be found in our Dreadnought Building and are dedicated to psychology research.

The rooms are very similar in their structure. Each room is very spacious (unlike the traditional tiny psychology cubicles). The rooms have windows, lots of desk space and seating places, and each room has at least two desktop computers. Most psychology research relies at least partially on computers, and they’re used to administer different psychological tests or questionnaires.

In addition to computers, we offer a wide variety of state-of-the-art technology for research purposes.

Media Labs

We have two high-end media labs, mostly used for virtual reality or video game research. Our equipment for these labs includes:

  • VR headsets: these allow you to become immersed in a particular environment
  • Perception – motion capture
  • Nintendo Wii consoles, and
  • Eye tracking systems: eye tracking glasses, computer eye tracker, and eye-tracking high-speed camera.

We provide multiple pieces of our user-friendly equipment, enabling them to be the perfect tools for student research projects.

Psychology Lab Monitoring

We have two psycho-physiology labs that are equipped with a range of monitoring equipment. This includes:

  • high-to-low precision EEG (Electroencephalogram) equipment
  • bio feedback recording equipment, which covers heart rate, blood pressure, pulse, temperature, skin response), and
  • a state-of-the-art Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) device.

Psychology Gear


We have a Motion and Gait lab, dedicated to research, with a Force Platform for balance and walking gait analysis.


Our Observation Lab and Observation Office is equipped with a full high-definition recording suite.

The room is fitted with a two-way mirror for non-recorded observations and also has three HD remote operated cameras with the option to add further cameras and sound recording equipment both in the room and within the Observation Office.

The recording suite is fully controllable and can be edited on the fly or can be downloaded and edited later.


The Social and Developmental lab is a quiet room away from the other labs for use with children's developmental research.

It is currently being equipped with child-friendly furnishing to make it a more welcoming environment for children.

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