How to boost your job prospects


At the Faculty of Engineering and Science, we are committed to helping you achieve the employment outcomes you’re hoping for.

In a competitive labour market, it is essential that you arrive at university ready to enhance your job prospects.

In part, this involves academic progress – learning the scientific or engineering subject matter and technical skills associated with your degree (recognised by professional bodies).

But it's also important to understand how to develop your personal skills and characteristics. This might include communicating effectively, working towards employers' skill requirements, and building the confidence to put these skills into practice.

Your development plan

You'll develop a Personal Development Profile during your time with us.

This allows you to record and reflect on a broad range of experiences, skills and personal attributes that will shape you as a person.

You can also gain rewards for a broad range of activities you engage in both inside and outside the university, from part-time work and recreational activities to any family responsibilities you have while studying.

We award points for these activities via a scheme called the Greenwich Employability Passport. One reward is a special personal reference from the Pro Vice-Chancellor.

Our careers service

In each year of study, you take a course that focuses on various practical and professional skills.

Our Careers Service gives talks on communication skills, CV development, the latest approaches employers use to recruit graduates, and other ways of getting ready for the workplace.

We also want you to write reflectively on your own personal and professional development.


What are the milestones to reflect this development?

  • By the end of your first year, you should be able to make competitive applications for placements and internships.
  • By the end of the second year, you will be able to make competitive applications for graduate jobs.
  • Throughout your final year, you will be actively applying for graduate positions.

And, of course, we'll help you in any other way we can.