What's special about the 'Extended Degree' pathway?


Dr Robert Jenner, a graduate of our extended course in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, is part of the teaching team. He discusses the benefits of this accessible route to new students.

Dr Jenner initially studied a four-year Extended degree and has ended up with a PhD in solid state physics! 

He began his journey with the University of Greenwich in 1990 on an extended Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree.

Talking about his decision to go to university, he said: "I was very dissatisfied with the building trade mainly due to a lack of professionalism in many areas and a lack of opportunity to develop other skills and experiences.

"I saw an advert for the extended degree programmes on the side of a bus, gave up my job and started my studies a month later."

What's special about the 'Extended Degree' pathway?

Dr Jenner made use of our extended degree, which offers an alternative route into university and traditionally requires 64 UCAS points or equivalent.

The first year of an extended course gives students the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake a degree-level course. After a four-year syllabus, extended degree graduates leave with a full bachelor's qualification.

Our extended courses have flexible entry criteria and are open to high-quality applicants who may lack the UCAS points or mix of subjects that would qualify them for direct entry onto a traditional undergraduate degree.

After working as a research and development engineer at an international semiconductor design house after gaining his PhD, Dr Jenner returned to the University of Greenwich and became a Principal Lecturer and Teaching Fellow. This is the highest level of Fellowship awarded for commitment to wider strategic leadership in teaching.

Because of his experience as a foundation-year student, Dr Jenner redesigned and enhanced our 'Year 0' provision at Medway Campus and has led this for the last 10 years.

We believe in transformation

Dr Jenner believes that many of the students we accept onto our extended degree programmes are indicative of what we do best - transformation. 

None of them had the qualifications to enter university through standard routes, but our extended degrees provided an opportunity to enter higher education.

"Through their hard work and our expertise, they have transformed their lives and become successful engineers," he says. "They put their faith - and money - in us, and we delivered everything that they were hoping for."

Richard Blair, an engineering student who also came through our extended pathway added: "Dr Jenner is clearly committed to teaching and the student experience, through engagement that encourages research, reflection and development.

"He has been a great influence on my university experience. He is very approachable and encouraging, always looking to push your abilities further, such as doing side-projects to further your development.

"His lectures are very informative and the extensive notes on materials taught therein have been invaluable to my learning experience."

Dr Robert Jenner, Richard Blair and Robbie Mulvany

Another extended degree success

Robbie Mulvany was working on building sites as a JCB driver but decided to pursue a more professional career path. He joined an extended degree programme with the University of Greenwich at the Medway Campus and graduated in mechanical engineering with 1st class honours. 

He subsequently undertook a PhD with the university in conjunction with the Ford motor company and has very recently won a prestigious award for academic achievement at the Lanner Predictive Simulation Conference 2018. 

Based upon Robbie's outstanding academic performance, he has just accepted a position with the Lanner Group LTD as a predictive simulation consultant.

Come and visit

If students are committed to furthering their career and enhancing their education, the University of Greenwich will support them each and every step of the way. 

Students who invest their time and money in us will reap the rewards for years to come.

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