Improve people's health with a degree in human nutrition and health


Study human nutrition and health at our beautiful Medway Campus and be at the forefront of a rapidly expanding area of science.

Accredited by the UK Association for Nutrition, the BSc Human Nutrition & Health offers you the chance to study a variety of interesting areas, including physiology, metabolism and microbiology.

Taught by leading experts, you'll gain a scientific understanding of nutrition and its relationship to the human body, providing you with the skills you need to improve people's health and well-being.

Human nutrition and health student Jake Young says: "Nutrition is a rapidly expanding subject with new discoveries and changes. You're always having to keep up, and you're always learning something new, which makes me feel that this subject is increasing in importance and relevance.

"After every lecture, you feel like you have learned something extremely valuable, not only for potential patients, but for your own health as well."

Food Unwrapped

Popular topics in the media, food and nutrition have been the focus of several television programmes featuring course leader Dr Nazanin Zand.

Dr Zand gave an in-depth analysis of what goes into a pre-prepared pepperoni pizza for the BBC Two programme Horizon: The Honest Supermarket. She also appeared on Channel 4's Food Unwrapped, where she talked about the unusually long shelf life of peanut butter.

"Human nutrition and health is a dynamic programme that enables students to develop practical and theoretical skills around health and nutrition, which are very hot topics right now. We are facing a lot of health issues that are rooted in what people eat and how they interact with their food," says Dr Zand.

Work placements

During your degree, you'll undertake work placements for a range of companies and organisations, from large multi-national firms, government agencies and the NHS to small- and medium-sized companies engaged in research, analytical services and manufacturing.

Our graduates have gone on to work in public and private healthcare sectors, teaching, academia, private practice, as well as for food industry-based organisations in areas such as sport, exercise nutrition and media. Other students have chosen to continue their studies at postgraduate level, researching areas including dietetics and food product development.

As well as the Human Nutrition & Health BSc, we also offer a four-year Human Nutrition & Health (Extended) BSc, which requires a lower entry tariff than the three-year course and starts with a foundation year.