I landed a job where I studied!


Tuba Islam explains how she was head-hunted to become a Student Assistant at the University of Greenwich after graduating from her MSc in Data Science there.

Tuba Islam, MSc Data Science Graduate

Data Science is the study of information derived from data and used to identify useful insights from it. We are living in such an era where people are consuming the Internet daily to fulfil their needs both professionally and personally. This usage of the internet creates data that is stored in various databases and servers. Detecting patterns via using data visualisation and getting useful insights for the company or organisation is the work of data analysts and data scientists, who can then help advise big organisations to take their next moves and better their growth.

I chose to study Data Science, MSc, because of the upcoming popularity and the future demand that this sector holds in terms of jobs.

Additionally, I wanted to live in London and the best university for Data Science was the University of Greenwich in terms of alumni of the university who have excelled in their fields. The architectural buildings of the Greenwich Campus and the history behind them made me more fascinated to come to the UK from Bangladesh and start my journey of pursuing a Master's degree. As an international student, you desire a warm welcome and initial support to build your confidence and that was there at the University of Greenwich.

Put your knowledge to practice

In my course I was able to learn modern technologies and programming languages and how to analyse data and obtain useful insights from it.

For my MSc project, I researched the financial data of the Forex market and detected the trading indicators required for trading in the market using the machine learning approach, under my supportive supervisor, Dr Konstantin Kapinchev. The knowledge of the modules that I learned throughout my Master's programme helped me to complete my final project successfully.

The move to a career

Fascination with computers was always there with me from childhood, as my father wanted me to become a computer engineer. I was always curious about how computers work. I remember playing Road Rash and wondering how I was playing something that was moving on its own. After completing my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, I came to know a lot of computer-related topics, the most interesting one being 'Database', and I became more curious about what is happening to our data on the Internet and how companies are using it. I landed on the topic of Data Science which comprises all of the things that I wanted to learn about.

I also wanted to teach and build my career in academics, and that dream came into reality when after completing my programme, I was offered a role as a Student Assistant in my department where I was once a student. I teach the lab for the module ‘Introduction to Computer Science and its Applications.’ My responsibilities are to teach students the correct way of writing and researching a research article, carrying out research for lecture preparation and sourcing references for academic work, making sure students aware of the tutorial materials needed for lab work and checking assignment papers.

The transition from the student ID card to the staff ID card is a feeling that cannot be described in words. The hard work and dedication put into completing my Master's degree was all worth it.

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