Pursuing my dream job in pharmacy


Sara Shahid had her sights set on pharmacy long before she reached university. She's now relishing the experience of learning about medicine at the Medway School of Pharmacy.

Few could be better suited to the field of Pharmacy than Sara Shahid. While many can take years to work out their chosen career, East Londoner Sara knew from the age of 15 that pharmacy was her calling.

She took placements in local pharmacies during her sixth-form years, learning about stock and prescriptions and how to deal with patients. She was certain that this was the career path for her.

Now studying an integrated Master's in Pharmacy (MPharm), she is loving every minute of the experience.

"It's a very integrated course," Sara (pictured, inset) explains.

"We don't just learn about medicines. We learn about laws, human anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and maths. It is a very intense course, yet very rewarding and interesting."

The face of medicine

Sara Shahid, MPharm Student

Growing up around adults who relied on medication, Sara became interested in how medicine affects the body. But rather than focusing solely on the laboratory side, her placements have helped her develop an affinity with the patient side of the industry.

"Pharmacy is a very patient-orientated profession," she says. "We are the 'face of medicine'.

"We talk to patients every day, not only professionally but also personally. It can make a big impact on their day-to-day lives."

The specialist Medway School of Pharmacy helps to prepare students in this area, with placement opportunities and an over the counter lab providing the best possible training environment.

"One of the things that really stood out at the Medway School of Pharmacy was the placement opportunity that was pre-arranged for all first-year students," says Sara.

"It convinced me that the course was tailored around the practice of pharmacy and not just the theory. Myself and many other students at the university are very appreciative of that.

"All the lecturers are highly knowledgeable and very passionate about their field," she adds. "They will go above and beyond their way to help students."

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Commuting to Medway

Another unexpected bonus for Sara was the opportunity to commute cheaply between London and Kent through the university's bus service. This allows her to live at home in London and travel to Medway with other students.

"It's so convenient," she enthuses. "I had been worried about the travel cost until I heard from my friends about the bus service.

"It's actually one of my favourite things about the university because it shows that it wants to accommodate different people's needs in any way it can. I have made many friends during coach trips - watching movies or listening to music together.

"And when I don't need to travel to Medway, I can always use the Greenwich Campus in London, which is much closer to home."

The Medway Campus boasts the Drill Hall Library, one of the longest in Europe, and several facilities shared with the University of Kent. It's a collaboration that offers a wealth of social opportunities.

Even as a commuting student, Sara believes she can embrace the full university experience.

"The social life is amazing!" she says. "There are so many clubs to join. I'm currently a member of the Korean society.

"All the campuses are diverse, and I get to meet so many people from all over the world! I have made life-long friends here that I will never forget."

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Our courses run on Medway Campus and cover all the essentials from biological science to drug delivery and patient care. They include a four-year MPharm, which will enable you to apply for training that can lead to registration as a pharmacist.