Sound therapy is another method for improving mental health and reducing stress. Learn about the use of therapeutic sound and the benefits of sound healing.

Sound Therapy Mindful Moments from our natural landscapes accompanied by nature sounds

The Therapeutic Sound Association The International Therapeutic Sound Association (ITSA) is a membership body that represents, promotes and supports the field of therapeutic sound. We welcome individuals and organisations that work with sound and/or music for health and well-being as well as anyone involved in ongoing research and development.

The College of Sound Healing The College of Sound Healing was set up in 2005 to provide a comprehensive training in Sound Healing and Sound Therapy. The College is a non-profitmaking organisation and is a member of the Therapeutic Sound Association, the Complementary Medical Association and the IICT.

Gong Baths Sound Healing Groups and Gong Baths are run in different areas of the country to allow people to experience the benefits of sound healing.

The Science of Sound Healing An academic/research presentation with connections to medical research and physics by John Stuart Reid who was a famous keynote speaker at the last CSH conference.