Walking your way to wellbeing

Walking is a great way of increasing your fitness and benefiting your wider wellbeing and what's more with our BetterPoints scheme you can earn rewards

  • Walking is a great stress reliever
  • It benefits your mental health and physical fitness
  • Walking in nature is particularly valuable
  • Take time out, even for a 5 minute walk
  • Walk with someone else and talk about what you see

Walking in natural spaces has many added wellbeing related bonuses. We have deep relationships with nature (known as 'biophilia'), but in urban areas we can easily lose this connection. By reconnecting with nature, we can reduce our levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and be distracted from the negative thoughts which may hold us back. Biophilia is increasingly becoming embedded in how cities, buildings and spaces are designed to maximise wellbeing outcomes.

On top of this, walking in nature can give us creative energy and insights and with our Betterpoints scheme  you can earn rewards too.

Try walking more

Simple things such as walking short distances instead of driving, or getting off your bus a stop earlier than normal, or having a meeting/catch up whilst walking instead of sitting down are relatively easy ways to incorporate more walking into your day.

You could try and commit to at least one walk a week, be it alone, with a friend or colleague. If you walk during your lunchtime, consider taking your lunch with you and finding a nice place to enjoy both your food and the scenery.

Find a local walk

Whether you're walking near to work, home or elsewhere, walking in nature could help you to become inspired and feel rejuvenated.

See below for some examples of walks that you can do within or around our university campuses, along with support to identify wildlife en-route.


Greenwich Park walk

Greenwich walking tour

Highlights of Greenwich map

Avery Hill:

Avery Hill Sustainability Campus Trail

Circular walk around the Avery Hill Park

Green Chain Walks around South East London

Shuttle River Walk


Blue Bell Hill Reserve, Chatham

Medway Health walks

Otford to Cuxton

When walking you'll no doubt be more aware of your surroundings and the following links may help you identify the wildlife you see: