Wellbeing Champions Network


Find out more about our University Wellbeing Champions Network.


Our Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2018-22 simply won't be delivered without our network of champions.

Wellbeing champions play a vital role in communicating and supporting positive attitudes and actions towards wellbeing.  By role-modelling wellbeing - and signposting people to university services - everyone can have a better workday and experience at the university.

Being a champion also means helping to shape and deliver our university wellbeing campaigns and events which support our strategy, so everyone can benefit.

What does it take to be a wellbeing champion?

You just need enthusiasm and a commitment to promote and support the many routes to wellbeing.

You'll make a huge contribution to our university by encouraging staff and students to be informed about and find wellbeing activities that work for them.

Wellbeing champions pledge  

  • To advocate the University Health and Wellbeing Strategy with individuals, partners, your team and your wider directorate/faculty.
  • To help deliver activities that support the Health and Wellbeing Strategy (key university events and campaigns), encouraging staff and student participation in these.
  • To initiate directorate and faculty opportunities, using the wellbeing champions network to promote these.
  • To set examples to colleagues on how to pro-actively look after their own wellbeing, and that of others in their team.
  • To share ideas and initiatives with each other, in order to encourage a culture of supporting staff wellbeing on a daily basis.
  • Some of our champions have been trained to support staff that may experience issues with their mental health.  These champions are identified on our list below.

Meet our champions

If you are interested in supporting your local wellbeing champion, please contact them directly.