Working with numbers


University maths is different from the maths you would have learnt at school. A very important part of learning maths is solving problems.

Being able to use numbers effectively is a vital part of everyday life: quantitative analysis is not simply a tool to be used by scientists and engineers. While there are certainly specialist professions that make extensive use of advanced mathematics to suggest that only these people need to be numerate is the same as saying that only novelists and English teachers need to know how to read.

During your University studies you are likely to be working with numbers and data.  Depending on your programme, the mathematics and statistics you need may be familiar from GCSE or A-level, or may be taught in some of the courses you are taking.  If you are having difficulties, whatever the level, help is available!  The Greenwich Maths Centre (part of the Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities) offers drop-in sessions which any university student (undergraduate or postgraduate) may attend.  See under MASH@Greenwich (Mathematics and Statistics Help) below.  You may also find some of the resources listed below useful.

MASH@Greenwich (Maths and Stats Help)

For 2019/20 drop-in mathematics and statistics help sessions are offered at each of the three campuses.  There is no need to book - you just turn up (but bring your lecture notes!)  Our tutor will help you understand the maths or stats that you need, whatever its level.  (If the material is very specialist - for example, the advanced statistics sometimes required by a PhD student - it would be helpful to have advance notice of the problem.)

For updates please follow @GreenwichMASH on Twitter and/or like MASH at Greenwich on Facebook.  If we need to make changes - for example if a session is cancelled because the tutor is ill and no-one else is available to cover - we will give as much notice as possible through Twitter and Facebook.

MASH May - July 2020 - Statistics and SPSS 

From Monday May 11 to Monday July 27, weekly online drop-in MASH sessions will be held every Monday from 12 to 2pm (except for Bank Holidays).  It is hoped that this provision will continue after the end of July.  These sessions will offer particular support with statistics and SPSS for those using statistics in their dissertations, but general maths help is also available.. 

To join a session, go to, find the event in the calendar and click on the link "Join MASH drop-in".  Since statistical analysis of data for a dissertation can present a variety of issues, it would be helpful if you could email in advance with a summary of your query so that the tutor can prepare to help you.

We hope you will find this service useful.

More information is available on the Maths Support Moodle page at  To contact MASH@Greenwich email  You can follow us on Twitter - @GreenwichMASH - or find us on Facebook at

Final Comments

If you are having problems with mathematics or statistics during your studies, seek help earlier than later!  Many students have had bad experiences of mathematics at school and as a result lack confidence.  You will find our MASH tutors helpful and supportive!

To contact MASH@Greenwich email


The sigma MathsCentre and StatsTutor websites offer a wide range of resources including refresher leaflets, video tutorials and teach-yourself booklets. and

Think Online Training provide some useful information on  Level 2 Maths.

For lawyers, the Royal Statistical Society has published a guide Statistics and probability for advocates: understanding the use of statistical evidence in courts and tribunals and also provides more detailed guides on criminal law and statistics.