How you're represented is changing, and it's all down to you


Greenwich Students' Union have reviewed how they make decisions on your behalf, and you now have the chance to make the choice in the Greenwich student referendum.

Your Students' Union (SU) have reviewed how they make decisions on your behalf, asking questions like:

  • Do you feel represented?
  • What are your priorities?
  • What changes do you need at university?
  • Do you know how the Students' Union can help you make these changes?

After this research, you now have the chance to make the choice to how the SU is run in the Greenwich student referendum which takes place from 5pm on 11 October to 5pm on 18 October.

The SU is holding a referendum as currently only 8% of our 20,000 students elect their student representatives. The research they collected from 1200 students last year showed your SU isn't reflecting your needs.  From low engagement with BAME, mature and Postgraduate students (who make up the majority of our student population) to the lack of voter participation, so they want to understand how to represent you better.

Every Greenwich student will be asked four questions about representation with the opportunity to vote Yes, No or Abstain on each.  You can find these questions along with more information on the big choice site.

Voting opens at 5pm on 11 October and closes at 5pm on 18 October.  You can vote using the link above or at voting stations dotted throughout the university campus in the week.

The motions are the proposed resolutions in response to the SU research. They all aim to resolve key issues raised by students.  All proposals have been reviewed by Trustees, as well as a panel of self-selected student representatives.

To find out more the SU will be holding a Big Choice vote launch at 5pm on 11 October in Dreadnought on Greenwich campus. You'll be able to discover more about the representation, the research collected, the choices in the referendum and campaigners for Yes and No.  

Sign up now to book your place at the launch.

This is important because the SU believe they should empower you to have more ownership over your experiences and time at university.  This October you have the opportunity to take control of the changes you want to see.  Your SU is for you, and how it runs should be determined by you.

The outcome of the referendum will set out how you're represented for the next three years. No matter what you decide, this will affect you - you have the opportunity and responsibility to make your contribution by voting.