Black History Season seminar series 2018-19


All students and staff are welcome at these seminars which take place at the Greenwich campus. The seminars are free and no booking is required.

To celebrate Black History month, a range of seminars will be taking place at the university throughout October and November, with academics from our university and other institutions.

The seminars are taking place as follows:

Emily Barker: "Migrating Towards Play: An exploration of the benefits and challenges of examining migrant children's play as historical examples of informal education"

10 October, 3pm King William 016

Emily Barker is the Vice-Chancellor's scholar at the University of Greenwich. She will be examining two case studies of migrant children from the Windrush Generation to outline some of the potential benefits of turning to children's play within the field of migrant history.

Christopher Jenner Cole: "Being a student at Avery Hill from 1987 to 1991"

18 October, 5.15pm Stephen Lawrence 010

Christopher Jenner Cole, educationist, film-maker and former head teacher, will give a talk about his experiences as a student of teacher training at Avery Hill from 1987 to 1991. He will also speak briefly about his career trajectory, to inspire our students.

Dr Anna Maguire: "Parental Intervention into Mixed Race Relationships in Post-War Britain"

1 November, 5.15pm Queen Anne 075

Dr Anna Maguire is a Teaching Fellow in history at King's College London. She will be speaking on the role of families in shaping couples' outlooks and the reception of their relationships in post-war Britain. More information on Dr Maguire's work can be found in her blog on the same subject.

Professor Lucy Bland: "Britain's 'Brown Babies': stories of children born to black GIs and white women in World War II"

29 November, 5.15pm Queen Anne 075

Lucy Bland is professor of social and cultural history at Anglia Ruskin University. She will be speaking on the topic of her forthcoming book, which will be published in June 2019.

If you have any questions about the seminars, please email Dr Mary Clare Martin, the event organiser.