We're proud to be an international university and to be a home to students and staff from across the UK, the EU and beyond. Here you'll find information on the UK's departure from the EU.

However, the UK's imminent departure from the European Union has, unfortunately, created uncertainty for our staff and students who come from the EU and the wider European Economic Area (including Switzerland).

The bullet points below address the most frequently asked questions at this time (January 2019). These pages provide more detailed information that the university is currently aware of.

  • The UK currently remains a full member of the European Union until 29 March 2019. There will not be any change to the status or rights of our EU/EEA nationals until that time.
  • Whatever the outcome of the ongoing negotiations about the UK's departure from the European Union, EU/EEA nationals living in the UK will be able to apply for permission to stay here after Brexit.

We will provide regular updates as more information becomes available here, and on the portal and on our International Student Advice Service webpage: www.gre.ac.uk/visa

Students:  If you have any concerns or queries, please speak to the Students' Union advice service in the first instance, who can be contacted at suadvice@gre.ac.uk or advice@gkunions.co.uk - please note while they can provide wellbeing advice, they are unable to provide immigration advice.

Staff: If you have any concerns or queries regarding the effect on you of the UK's departure from the European Union, we recommend you speak to your senior manager or our HR team in the first instance.