Call out for dissertations and theses to investigate Fairtrade


The Sustainability Team are reaching out to encourage research projects, particularly dissertations and theses, centred on the theme of Fairtrade.

Integrating current affairs and upcoming topics into coursework or dissertation inquiries not only adds uniqueness but also ensures relevance in a rapidly evolving global landscape. Sustainability stands out as one of the most crucial topics in this regard.

In line with our commitment to sustainability as a university, we proudly hold the designation of a Fairtrade University, actively collaborating with the Fairtrade Foundation to maintain this status. The Fairtrade Foundation, an esteemed international charity, plays a pivotal role in amplifying impact and authorising the use of the Fairtrade mark.

Exploring Fairtrade

Supporting Fairtrade by purchasing and selling Fairtrade products contributes significantly to upholding workers' rights, promoting safer working conditions, and ensuring fair compensation for farmers. It also ensures consumers access high-quality, ethically produced goods. However, it's imperative to acknowledge the ongoing challenges, such as farmers not receiving equitable compensation for their produce and workers facing exploitation and inadequate wages.

Given these considerations, exploring Fairtrade in your coursework or dissertation presents a valuable opportunity. Whether you are a student or lecturer in business, psychology, environmental science, human resource management, law, marketing, advertising, mental health nursing, design, or any other field, Fairtrade is a topic that can be integrated into your area of study. If you are already incorporating Fairtrade into your teaching curriculum, we would appreciate hearing from you.

Fairtrade case studies and example ideas

To support your research endeavours, here are a selection of Fairtrade case studies: Fairtrade Case Studies - Fairtrade Foundation.

We offer some example coursework/project ideas to stimulate your exploration:

  • Develop an advertising/marketing campaign focusing on Fairtrade's impact on climate change, student engagement in Fairtrade issues, the improvement of Fairtrade farmers' livelihoods, or the empowerment of female farmers through Fairtrade
  • Organise a debate, assigning student groups to represent various stakeholders involved in Fairtrade. This exercise promotes research, enhances communication skills, and provides deeper insight into Fairtrade roles and impacts
  • Examine the legal framework surrounding Fairtrade, comparing requirements across different countries and evaluating the adequacy of legal support for Fairtrade.

For those considering dissertation topics, we suggest exploring various research avenues from multiple disciplines. A literature review can serve as a starting point to develop your dissertation question, focusing on how Fairtrade initiatives contribute to addressing critical social, environmental, and economic issues. Additionally, research can delve into how our university, catering services, and clientele perceive and incorporate sustainability principles into business operations and consumer lifestyles.

Support and guidance

Should you require support or guidance in your Fairtrade research journey, please do not hesitate to contact Furthermore, we encourage you to inform us if you have already explored or plan to explore Fairtrade in your studies.

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