Trialling Checkin+ a new Attendance Monitoring system in some FEHHS programmes from January 2020


The trial will test a new way of registering attendance at lectures, tutorials and other timetabled events using checkin+ through the Study Goal app.

The trial, which will take place in a small selection of programmes in the Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences, will use checkin+ through the Study Goal app*.  During the trial, tutors will provide a 4-digit code at the start of the session which students can use to checkin+ in Study Goal, using a phone or computer.

You can see the Learning Analytics policy together with the university's attendance and engagement policies on our website.

Please note: the checkin+ feature will be visible in the app for all users, but it will only work for the students who belong to the programmes which are part of the trial.

* Study Goal is available to download in your usual app store. When you download the app 'geolocation' is switched on.  This provides a relative measure of where you are, so if the majority of students check in from one location, and another checks in from another location, that person is considered absent.  It does not provide the university with data on where you are on campus, or elsewhere.  Your geolocation data should be provided with your consent and like any app, you can choose to switch this off; switching this off will not stop you from checking in to lectures.

Current students; Current staff