Commemorating International Holocaust Memorial Day 2024


Join us as we honour the memory of those affected by the Holocaust and embrace the values of solidarity, resilience, and remembrance.

IHMD 2024 exhibitionThe University of Greenwich is marking the annual International Holocaust Memorial Day (IHMD), which takes place each year on 27 January, with a temporary exhibition called “International Holocaust Memorial Day – This is Our Story” and a screening of a short documentary ‘Three Minutes: A Lengthening’.


Running from 22 January to 7 February 2024, the "International Holocaust Memorial Day – This is Our Story" exhibition at the Heritage Gallery, Queen Anne Court, University of Greenwich, is a journey through the Holocaust, Resistance, Resilience, and Community Solidarity.

The exhibition will highlight the commonalities of shared human stories. Stories about the Holocaust are unique, but also speak to other experiences. These stories are being bravely shared with the aim to educate others about the histories of the Holocaust, but also, to encourage others to tell theirs.

Film Screening

On Wednesday 31 January the university will be screening the documentary "Three Minutes: A Lengthening", which will transport viewers to the Jewish community of Nasielsk, Poland, captured on film in 1938 by photographer David Kurtz. Unveiling the narrative woven within this archival footage, the Storyville documentary includes perspectives from the filmmaker's grandson and a survivor from the village, offering a rare glimpse into their world.

Following the screening, a dialogue with Judith Ish-Horowicz, MBE, co-founder of Apples and Honey Nightingale—an intergenerational nursery rooted in Jewish values—will shed further light on the film's themes.

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Support available

We recognise that the ongoing events in the Middle East continue to affect members of our community. As we continue to ensure that our university is a welcoming and safe place for everyone, information and support is available to affected staff and students, regardless of their background and culture.

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