COP26: Our Sustainability Leaders - meet Circular Textiles Greenwich


A student led initiative organised by Dilara Altun, Ceylan Akbas and Eva Souchet is aimed to raise awareness about the damages of fast-fashion. Circular Textiles Greenwich is a vital project to raise awareness and directly address contributions to the climate emergency.

Circular Textiles Greenwich logoThe Circular Textiles Greenwich project aims to address and promote sustainable consumption and production patterns and contribute to eliminating forced labour and modern slavery as part of UN SDGs (8.7 & 12). The project involves establishing a hub at the University of Greenwich for swapping clothes, providing a textiles repair and upcycling and mending training station and community exchange, including inviting local entrepreneurs to share and promote their experiences. The hub raises awareness on human rights and environmental abuses in the global supply chains, with a focus on the fashion industry, through these activities as well as public talks and promoting engagement with the research of the Business, Human Rights, and the Environment Research Group (BHRE).

Are there areas that you would wish to collaborate with?

We would like to collaborate with other projects involved in slow fashion such as saree swaps and proposals for a fashion charter.

We would also like to collaborate with the local council to create similar projects promoting sustainable consumption practices at a collective level.

Engaging with students and staff is vital to the project as they make up the university institution.

Why is sustainability and working on this project important to you?

Fashion is the lifeblood of our communal and individual self-expression. It is the cornerstone of our cultural identity; and has been regarded as an art form for centuries. However, in the last century, the cost of fashion has become too high to bear, contributing to the continuing degradation of both people and planet.

As a result, our vision is to create both a physical space and a space in the minds of people in the Greenwich community, residents, students, staff and visitors, to share, promote and provide solutions to reduce waste and generate both economic and emotional value with regard to the things they already possess. It engages individuals to reflect on how their purchasing choices may lead to the harm of others and promotes a positive outlook by encouraging the adoption of creative positive solutions.

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